International Psychotherapy Group

An international group of therapy practitioners fostering a cross-fertilisation of ideas

using existential, psychodynamic, systemic, CBT, hypnotherapeutic, integrative and other modalities

Irena Trnka De Benedictis

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🔵  Looking for a Therapist?

Help in finding the right professional

The research shows that finding a professional you can relate to and trust is the single most important predictor of  a successful outcome in therapy: perhaps even more important than the approach the therapist takes.

Having said that, it is important to know something about the different models, whether existential, psychodynamic, or CBT and so on. We represent a range of different approaches, and are always happy to answer questions by email. Please read our bios by clicking our names above, read about the ways we work, and contact us individually. You can also look through our Associates listings here.

Now that Covid has led to many therapists working predominantly via Zoom, it is perhaps less important to find someone close to where you live: though working in person is still many people's preference.

🔵  Our Aims

The ethos of the IPG

The international Psychotherapy Group was founded in 2020. It aims to help therapists broaden their knowledge, practice and skills, and develop their professional networks. We intend to:

- promote dialogue between psychotherapists with different training,   models of theory and practice, and from different therapeutic traditions.

- promote the international identity of the profession, and encourage trans-national and cross-cultural conversation.

- promote the idea of the talking therapies as an inclusive, secular, optimistic and compassionate view of humanity, based on sound philosophical & psychological principles. with the aim of well-being.

The IPG can supply print, TV & radio media with comment on relevant topical issues. We also aim to be a point of  help for anyone looking for a therapist.

🔵 Become an Associate

The benefits:

As a practising professional in the field, or someone interested in psychotherapy, you can become an Associate of the IPG, currently free of charge. You receive:

- a free photo and bio listing in our members' directory, with a link back to your own website;

- free access to IPG articles, and an invitation to submit pieces for publication:

- free access to any events organised by the IPG;

- Membership of the IPG LinkedIn group to ask questions and exchange ideas;

- advice on setting up your own cross-disciplinary and international CSG (case-supervision group);

- other benefits to be announced.

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