Irena Trnka De Benedictis

Irena Trnka De Benedictis is an Existential psychotherapist, counsellor and life coach in private practice. (www.EmbracingOurChoices.com).

She holds an MA in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling and is certified in life coaching.

She specialises in working with adults, both busy professionals and those who have retired, providing support and direction analysis both through the stresses of working life (including burn out, workplace bullying, anxiety and depression) and around both the thorny question of work-life balance and the difficulties of accepting redundancy or retirement.

She has close to 15 years of experience. Irena is UKCP accredited and registered and works on line and at her consulting rooms in Central London. She is bilingual in English/Czech.

Contact Email: irena@EmbracingOurChoices.com

Website: EmbracingOurChoices.com

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This is what Irena says about her work:

"I have close to 15 years of experience in both psychotherapy dealing with complex problems and counselling offering help with day to day difficulties.  I can help with anxiety stress and depression as well as lack of purpose and feelings of meaninglessness.  I assist with family and relationship difficulties and conflicts including providing couples counselling.  Lately I have been particularly involved in working with clients

          with learning disabilities including dyslexia and post-stroke memory impairment;

          coping with limitations due to physical disability or chronic illness including rheumatic arthritis chronic fatigue ME and fibromyalgia;

          dealing with bullying in education and at work;

          struggling with domestic abuse and coercive control;

          country re-locations as expatriates; and

          diagnosed with ADHD.

My clients can choose to have weekly or fortnightly sessions.  I offer discounts to NHS staff and to the unemployed retired furloughed and students.  Overall I provide a relaxed, friendly and safe space to talk.”